Headlamp Converters

Headlamp Converters

If you are driving in France then you need these to avoid losing 90 Euros via an on the spot fine.

When driving in France or any other mainland EEC country it is compulsory to stick these on your headlights to convert the light beam from your vehicle. (car, van, HGV truck or motorbike). These headlamp beam converters take two or three minutes to fit and are easily removable upon your return to the UK.

Only £ 5.95 including Free Delivery within the UK.


"The Price You See is the Price You Pay".

Royal Mail Post - same day dispatch - if ordered prior to 12.00 noon on a normal working day. Please don't be fooled by others advertising lesser prices for headlight converters, as when you arrive at the checkout only then do they add on the "delivery" costs or extra charges for same day dispatch. 

Here we do not charge for delivery to any address with a UK Postcode.

They fit every make and model of car and come with easy to follow instructions.


We are so confident that you will be happy with them that we have a no quibble money back guarantee valid for 120 days. 

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Headlamp Beam Converters

It is always best to go with the best quality headlight converters as an on the spot fine will just ruin your day, and it's worth remembering that your car insurance can be invalidated if it's not road legal and is then involved in an accident. Remember you are not road legal if driving with your headlamps not aligned correctly.

It is against the law not to have them on you vehicle even during the hours of daylight. Even if you are just visiting France for a very brief visit getting off the ferry or going through the Channel tunnel early in the morning and returning during daylight hours you can still be issued with an on the spot fine.

The French police will on random days sit on the docks pulling over car after car and issuing on the spot fines to all UK cars drivers without them fitted. The fact that it is daylight will not save you. People often think I'll fit them when I get there, please remember to fit them before you roll off the ferry.

Also make sure that you use good quality ones not the cheap ones sold on auction websites where the glue is poor. Again we know of people who have bought cheap poor quality ones and have had one fall off after driving over a bump and they have been fined by the police even though they clearly have one still on and a glue mark showing where the other one was!

Remember when it comes to converting your headlights for European driving, as our website name suggests we are the original and the best.

Headlamp Converters


£ 5.95


Complete European Kit


£ 39.99